Each project business we are starting the process of research and thorough market survey. “We analyze and propose strategic solutions to maximize investment efficiency of each project”. Also bring profitable investment value to partners through each project. With a team of young, enthusiastic and creative consultants, we analyze and propose strategic solutions to maximize investment efficiency of each project.



Based on these insights we researched and compiled over the years, we are confident to provide investors, partners, knowledge and values ​​essential in advising top strategic investments and promoting the project. Our consulting, investment division can provide adequate services to meet the needs of continuous development of the investors and partners in the project development phase as well as operational deployment.


Before offering consulting solutions and marketing strategies, sales for each project, we are conducting research and market data analysis is very detailed and thorough. Through economic analysis to determine the factors leading the market, research model to determine the amount of demand in the future. In-depth market research to determine the trend. In addition, studies of land use planning and infrastructure development, compare and analyze the activity area



With strong local knowledge of the market real estate, HELIO POWER always eager to cooperate with investors, investment funds and exchanges to deploy multiple products and services of high quality to the customer row. TThrough the activities of trade promotion such as: seminars on market renewable energy, channels, media and on the internet, … we want to help customers access to project information in a most accurate and fastest way, so that customers can understand every product characteristics, each type of investment in the model. From there, make investment decisions.