About us

HELIO POWER has been established since 2017, we are proud to be confident in the development of investment in renewable energy as well as to satisfy investors and partners. HELIO POWER in people’s core values, conscious, creative thinking with business solutions are innovative and demonstrate a high humanity. With a team of market knowledge, we are always working to improve the quality of service and are committed to, uphold accountability in the core activities.

HELIO POWER desire to bring “security” in the region invest in Vietnam. We are always listening to the feedback of customers and partners to provide better services more, even more reliable for customers. HELIO POWER sincerely thank the trust of customers and partners in the past and hope in the future will continue to receive the favor of customers and partners.

HELIO POWER desire to promote the development of renewable energy markets Vietnam with solutions and best service, our collective mindset:

  • Become a professional unit and create sustainable value in the energy sector, creating the leading experts in the field of renewable energy in Vietnam.
  • Bring confidence and sustainable added value for customers, partners and shareholders through the development of energy projects in a comprehensive, secure and efficient.
  • A people’s core values, we create a friendly working environment, creative and rich humanity to bring the quality of life for company employees.